How to Start Doing Yoga at Home (& Why You Should)

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Doing Yoga
In my recent post about things successful work at home moms know and do I mentioned that it's important to take care of yourself physically. I ended up getting involved with Yoga as an exercise avenue by accident.

I am a member at my local YMCA and was attending a lot of classes each week. One day I asked my teen daughter if she wanted to do a class with me. She asked what classes were available. Upon seeing Yoga on the list, she laughed and said: “Yoga sucks.” I immediately took issue with that. “You've never even tried Yoga. You're making an assumption with no data to support it, and you know I hate when you do that. We're doing a Yoga class.”

I expected to do that class once only to teach her a lesson on not making statements she couldn't support. We did the class. She hated it, but to my shock, I loved it. Over the last few years, Yoga has become “my happy place.”

It makes me feel relaxed, and it helps me shut off my brain for the 30 to 60 minutes I spend doing it each time. I also credit it for helping me manage my stress and allowing me to be more productive. If you've never tried Yoga yourself, you might be surprised to hear that it's a hell of a workout as well.

To be crystal clear – I am no Yoga expert. I'm an enthusiast. I don't do expert-level classes, and I still struggle in multiple poses. But I've found that even in performing it at a beginner to intermediate level, it's brought about big benefits to my life.

I travel a lot, so attending classes taught by an instructor in real life is something I'm only able to do every once in a while. I also work from home and have three kids at home, so many times I need to get my Yoga in whenever I have time at random. So, I've had to learn to do most of my Yoga workouts at home and on the road.

Yoga supplies you'll need

After I took that initial class, I started out with Yoga at home by purchasing this simple Yoga starter kit (affiliate link).

Once I realized I dug doing it, I upgraded my supplies. The mat in the starter kit is a little thin and can be a little slippery at times. The block is a tiny bit smaller than a typical block, and the carrying strap left a lot to be desired. And watching the same short Yoga video over and over got boring. But, I'd still recommend purchasing it to anyone who's unsure Yoga is for them as it's the cheapest “set of supplies” I'd found that was of decent quality.

I still don't use a bunch of fancy equipment, and my current “Yoga supply arsenal” consists of five things in an affordable price range (I use affiliate links below).

The mat I have is fantastic quality, and I love the design. However, it can still get slippery at times, so I also use the Yoga socks to give me some extra grip. The block is slightly bigger and helps support me in positions that would otherwise be uncomfortable. Think of the Yoga block like training wheels for certain poses. The strap is basic – there are cheaper ones available, and at first, I purchased one of those, but it dug into my arm when I carried it, and I wasn't crazy about its velcro closure. I like this strap I have now much better.

Yoga Video Resources (both free & paid)

If you're short on cash, you will find a ton of free Yoga instruction videos for beginners on YouTube. Many of the better ones teach a few positions each or short “classes” that last twenty minutes or less in length vs. a full fledge class with it all sewn together into a 30 or 60-minute segment. But if you're on a tight budget and are willing to go through some trial and error of finding ones with good instructors whose routines you like, you'll likely find something that works for you there.

Because I like Yoga as much as I do, I invested in some paid videos of classes from Tara Stiles. She's awesome. I can't do half the poses she can in some videos, but her classes are a definite workout, and when she hits something I can't do, I substitute a different pose. I love that her classes always push me and that I still have bars to reach when doing them. Her class videos are typically between $10 to $15 each. I store the ones I've purchased on Dropbox.

She has a ton of videos, but I own the following and they're all fantastic:

In grabbing the links for this post, I saw she released a video called Yoga for Bed Time: 20 Minutes which I was (probably too) excited to see and bought on sight. I have high hopes for it.

I'm glad I accidentally found Yoga. It's had an enormous positive impact on my life. I highly recommend it.

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