Six Misconceptions about Work at Home Mom Entrepreneurs

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When Missy and I started this site, we did so in an effort to make a more “serious” site offering work at home mom advice for WAHM entrepreneurs.

Now, I'm not bashing any other sites in the space at all, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there about the work at home mom community with numerous sites selling “opportunities” rather than giving advice. We wanted to create a site that offered legit information to women with goals of kicking ass and taking names while working from home.

Our goal was to show women that being a work at home mom was not a negative and that there are many women doing it very successfully.

In light of that, I'd like to discuss a few myths associated with the WAHM entrepreneur moniker and shed some light on the reality about them.

All work at home moms sell [insert party plan product here]

The fact is that many people feel the phrase “work at home moms” is interchangeable with “party plan representatives” and it's simply not true. While party plan products are a great work at home opportunity for some, it is definitely not the avenue every WAHM travels down.

Secondly, you'd be surprised how much really motivated party plan reps make. I personally know three that net six figures a year – which is likely more than the people who mistakenly look down upon their career choice as a “hobby for stay at home moms.” As with ANY career path, it's all about your motivation and what you make with it.

Not all of us sell candles. But you know what? Selling candles can be really freaking lucrative for people with the motivation and business sense to rock the hell out of it.

Work at home mom entrepreneurs aren't as serious as “real” entrepreneurs

Absolutely false. As I said above, it all comes down to the motivation of the individual and is not dependent upon whether they choose to make their company home base their home versus at an out of home office location.

There are women out there building multimillion dollar companies from their home offices while their children play in the other room. It simply takes a lot of organization (or hired help) to make it all work.

Work at home moms aren't as productive as people in a “real office environment”

Another falsehood. Some people actually work better from home. I know because I'm definitely one of them.

I had a “real office” for several years with multiple employees working within it. It took me an hour to get ready, twenty minutes to get there and another forty minutes to say my “hellos” and get settled in to start working.

I felt like that was two hours each day that I lost in productivity by being in a physical office location, so I made the decision to close my office when I moved from Canada and not open another one in Texas (where I moved to).

Work at home moms aren't as productive because they have kids around

Many people hear work at home mom and picture a women with a frazzled face, a kid grasping each leg and cheerios in their hair, but it's simply not true.

First, not all work at home moms work from home without child care. I myself have in home child care five days a week. I “go” to my home office each day the same as anyone else would go to a “real” office. But I can pop my head out when I want to (or need to) and spend free moments with my kids during the day.

And even those who do work from home without full time child care find ways to make it work. Successful work at home moms simply have to have “multitasking” as a primary skill on their resume. Couple your mobile broadband, laptop and your younger children's favorite park and you can easily get several solid hours of work in while your kids have fun and keep themselves occupied. Many moms have school aged children giving them a solid six hour work day each day. We make it happen.

All work at home moms work from [insert the smallest corner of their house here] on a plywood computer cart (AKA shabby conditions)

Most entrepreneurs start with nothing and build as they go along. When I started my company, I DID work in the smallest corner of my house on a plywood computer cart. And Apple and Amazon got their start in garages. It's just that some of us choose not to leave our home office once our businesses take off, especially if we're not in product sales.

My current office is a dedicated room in my home, painted to my taste with decor lining the walls. I have a solid wood desk that I probably paid too much for, an awesome office chair, an office grade printer/fax/copier/scanner, a separate phone line, a 27 inch iMac with an additional 27 inch Apple monitor. I also have my MacBook Pro laptop for when I feel like working from other locations in my house. Not to mention my iPad, BlackBerry, hosted exchange service and thousands of dollars worth of software installed on my computers.

And I'm not alone. I know several moms with sweet setups that would kick the ass of many you'd ever find in a physical office location. Working from home makes us no less likely to have all the amenities of a physical office location. Just like working from an office location doesn't ensure we're not working from a folding chair.

Work at home moms only earn “pocket money”

First let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with working from home part time and earning “pocket money”. For many moms, that's the goal – a part time income to fund football, dance classes or the annual family vacation. And kudos to them for making it happen.

But motivated full time work at home moms can make significant income. I know several WAHM millionaires. Where we work and whether or not we have children at home while we work does not determine our earning potential. Our earning potential, like the rest of society, is determined by our own goals, desire, determination and hard work.

So the next time you hear the term WAHM entrepreneur, remember that they're not to be dismissed and that many are an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.

And if YOU are a WAHM entrepreneur yourself, remember that the sky is the limit on what you and your business can achieve and never let anyone convince you otherwise.

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RaeS July 16, 2012 at 11:39 am

From one Rae to another-you’ve hit ALL the nails on the head. I’ve heard them all.I had the outside office and found myself leaving all the time because one of my kids were always sick, had appts., etc..
FF to 12 years ago. THOSE children are now older and self-sufficent. My “change of life” gave me, not hot flashes and mood swings, but a beautiful baby. My older children had been using computers since grade school. Me? Nope, would never be interested in them. Until I was online for the first time. And I fell in love. I am now able to build, reformat and repair computers. Software is my middle name and not unlike you, I have an office most “real” offices would pale in comparison to.
I know women who are kicking some major butt out there and one of them is selling candles!
In the beginning, I spent a hell of a lot of time explaining my choice to be at home and work from here as well. I don’t do that today unless someone is asking because they want to change their life, be it part or full time.
I have come to believe that for some, the words ‘job’ and ‘home’ simply cannot be used in the same sentence. It’s programming of a whole other kind. And if that works for them, that’s OK. I LIKE thinking outside of the proverbial box. Over the past decade, I’ve enjoyed watching more and more women make the choice to jump out of that box. And men as well!
I have never worked harder or more hours. I have learned how to live without a shower or brushing my teeth because a client has a new deadline: like yesterday. I keep a schedule and when needed, I change it.
And I’ve never been happier or more financially stable. No one can hire or fire me. I may want to fire myself now and then, but hey, that happens! :-) My child is happy and learning that she alone holds her future in her hands. If I give her nothing else, that alone make it all worthwhile.
I tell others to come to this site. They, like myself, like your style. You tell it like it is-very refreshing!


Katharine May 29, 2017 at 9:41 am

7. All Wahms are young and silly. (I’m old and boring. Haha!) I’m retired from “momhood”. I have many, many years of momming, cheffing, chauffeuring, Little Leaguing, home schooling, DIYing, counseling, writing, and marriage experience. Many years. So now, I share.
8. All Wahms have trashed homes. I love a clean house and reward myself with a half-day of cleaning for every great blog post I create.
9. All Wahms are too lazy to get dressed. I always shower and dress. Because every time I experiment with NOT doing so, the mailman arrives with something that needs a signature. Arrrgh!
10. All Wahms are greedy/have husbands who cannot make the grade/sell cheap “stuff” that few would want. I offer Bible-based, women’s counseling, which can be found for free on my site full of many archives, or can be ordered in a more organized and personal configuration, for a small price (Coming soon….) I do this for the love of knowing someone was helped.

I totally enjoyed this post! So encouraging. <3


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