Cut Out What Doesn’t Add Value to Your Life

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Like many other work at home moms, I find myself in a situation where I have stretched myself too thin. The need to be super mom, CEO, good friend, respected business person, perfect wife and loving family member have me in overwhelm, and I need to cut some things out.

But what? How do I assess what to continue and what to end. Between running two businesses, raising two babies, speaking at shows, attending to clients, managing a team and trying to have any time for my family and friends, let alone myself, I have to make some decisions. How do I decide what to cut out when I want to do everything at once? I assess what gives me the greatest value and personal return, then cut out the rest.

If it doesn't add value to your life, you don't need it, and frankly, you'd be doing yourself, and your family, a favor by cutting it out. Here are a few things I question to determine if it's something I need to keep in my life or not:

1. Does it make me happy?
2. Does it make my family happy?
3. Is it contributing to my personal wellness either physically, spiritually or emotionally?
4. Is it improving my bottom line?
5. It is currently contributing to any other “value” in my life, or the life of my family, at this particular moment?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, it's time to cut it out. Our intentions as work at home moms are good. We always want to be liked, feel accomplished and respected and do our best to contribute to the world. However if we find we're cutting into our time with our children, our partners, our friends, our selves or the ability to earn a decent living, then we'll just end up becoming resentful, overwhelmed and burnt out.

It's our responsibility to protect our family and ourselves, and by learning to say “no” and removing the things that keep us from adding value to our lives, we will be doing something far more important than getting just “one more thing” done. So let yourself say “no” when you need to. People understand you're not a super hero. Your just somebody already doing your best.

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Sarah is CEO of All Inclusive Marketing, Canada’s Leading Full Service Affiliate Management Company. she has been recognized for 10 sales achievement awards, four customer service awards, been nominated for employee of the year twice, won Marketing MVP twice, and had her company nominated for two different awards in 2009.


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