Giving Thanks for a Good Year

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Happy Thanksgiving!

You’re getting ready to wind down for a while, spiff up the house, and cook up a feast for family and friends.

After everyone leaves and the clean-up is done, set aside a couple of hours for yourself and reflect. Look back at the past year and see how your business has really done.

In the stress of day-to-day operations, children’s demands, bills to pay, clients or readers to appease, sometimes we lose track of just how well we’re doing. (Or not.)

Did you make your Business Resolutions for 2012?

How close are you to having met your goals?

Or did you find yourself being drawn in a different direction?

Why?  What changed – and did it change for the better?

Or if you stayed right on track – how did it turn out?
This is a good time to start doing some planning for the coming year. Get a bit of a head start on those who wait until January, to lay out your targets for each month of 2013.

It’s going to be a rocky time, tax-wise, since we don’t have any new legislation in place and have no idea what the tax landscape will look like. Never mind. Ignore that issue. If your business does well – the rest will take care of itself.

If you need some help developing a plan for next years, read Chapter 3 of Small Business Taxes Made Easy as a guide.

And remember to thank all the people who helped you make 2012 as terrific as it turned out to be.


P.S. The folks in the Hurricane Sandy area still need help. If you can – make a contribution to a LEGITIMATE organization.
(Be careful – there are scammers out there, preying on your good intentions.)


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