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As affiliate marketers, we often feel that we are working alone. There is so much to be done all the time that we put in enough hours just doing the WORK of affiliate marketing that there isn't much time to spend on the industry as a whole. Unfortunately because so many of us are in that same situation, it allows us all to be taken advantage of and harmed en masse. Such is the case with the current Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws.

I've written about the Affiliate Tax before on my own blog (Affiliate Tax in Indiana Update) as well as on AffPlan (You Need to Know: Affiliate Nexus Tax Legislation), but I feel like I need to talk about it in any forum where I have the chance. Missy Ward wrote a great article about it last week that has thankfully been getting a lot of exposure (Your Industry Needs You Now).

And yet, I fear that so many affiliates are not taking these tax laws seriously until it is too late. In Georgia not enough affiliates rose up until after the tax was already passed. In Indiana we still have the opportunity to fight the tax but affiliates are not coming forward to help. Across the country the Performance Marketing Association is asking for people to join and contribute. We all have a chance right now to work together to make a difference.

What can you do? If you have the funds, join the PMA or contribute. Even if you do not, you still have other things that can help. Spend a little time educating yourself and then write a blog post about it. Use your voice to help spread all of the other posts that have been written. Don't sit back and wait for everyone else to do the work because this is one of those times where it is going to take a lot of people with a lot of different assets.

Check out Missy's post to see what specifically you can do and how it can help. Have you joined the cause yet? Can you think of other ways for us to educate affiliates/merchants/OPMs/networks and get them on board?

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