Eight Tax Resolutions for 2012

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It’s a nice, bright, clean new year.

You’re business is going to be fabulous, regardless of the economy.

You’re going to get great ideas and tips here at www.itsawahmthing.com and from our bloggers’ sites.  

So, since you’re going be so profitable, it’s worth your while to minimize your taxes.  

Here are some resolutions for you. I hereby resolve to: 

  1. Review my business checklist (read Chapter 1 of Small Business Taxes Made Easy) and update my licenses, tax registrations and suppliers.
  2. Do a business plan for 2012.
  3. Do a tax plan for 2012 to take best advantage of tax credits and deductions (join TaxMama.com as a free member.)
  4. Make estimated tax payments to ensure I don’t face penalties. (sign up for free EFTPS account with IRS to make your payments)
  5. Review my business results each quarter in order to fine-tune tax plan and business plan.
  6. Hire employees or freelancers to do the things I hate to do.
  7. Schedule time for myself.
  8. Succeed beyond my wildest dreams!


Print this out and sign it.



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