Branding 101 for Your WAHM Business

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Branding 101 for Your WAHM Business

So, you've been doing this work-at-home thing for a while now and are looking to grow your business. Whether you're blogging, transcribing, consulting, or doing any of the myriad things you can do from home, eventually you will need to brand yourself. Step one in branding: a logo.

The old adage is true: you need to spend money to make money. A logo helps define your brand, increases your presence on social media, and helps you look legit. Although you will need to spend some money, there are some really cost-effective ways to get an amazing logo put together that truly reflects your business's mission and personality.

Branding 101: 3 Ways a Logo Strengthens Your WAHM Business

Let me share three specific ways in which strong branding, starting with a quality logo, is an asset to your growing business:

1) Professional Invoices Get Results

I use FreshBooks for my invoicing, and even the free version allows me to upload my logo (and company colors) to my invoices. Putting a logo on your invoices helps companies and people see you as an established business that is worth the price you're asking, not to mention being worthy of on-time payments.

2) Social Media Engagement

Got a Facebook page? How about Instagram or Twitter? Using a logo on your social media pages increases recognition of your brand and again, helps others see you as legit. Think about all the noise that clutters up your social media feeds. Having an eye-catching, familiar logo draws people to your content.

3) Communicates Your Value

I've been stressing the “legit” part a lot, but it really is true. Having a professional logo (translation: not clip art with your name underneath) gives you confidence as you send people to your website. You'll feel great knowing that they're getting a stellar first impression of you and your business. Plus, it helps you as a business owner view what you do as something valuable to others.

How to Get a Professional Logo

Now that you’re ready to get a logo created, your challenge is deciding where to turn for design help. I have a suggestion for you, but first a story of what not to do.

Several years ago I spent big bucks (we're talking $1000+) getting a new logo put together for my website, It was a long and laborious process, and while I was ultimately happy with the result, it wasn't cheap. I worked with a local-to-me designer and I spent a whole lot of time in meetings talking about colors and feelings and giving her the fodder she needed to be creative. Ugh. It was painful.

I'm considering rebranding my own business and this time I'd use one of my consulting clients and advertising partners, (you may recognize the Deluxe name from back when you used to buy checks). has an excellent, cost-effective solution for small business logo design.

Deluxe's logo design packages start at $245 and you work with a team that specializes in logo design. You're not just getting some Joe Schmoe off the street to put together your business's logo; rather, you'll be getting a dedicated staff member from the logo design team, which is based in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Staff members have an average of 14 years experience.

Deluxe's Logo Design Services also include the following:

  • Your own dedicated designer
  • A 5-day turn around for initial concept
  • At least 10 custom logo design concepts
  • Multiple logo design revisions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed (Deluxe is an established, nearly 100-year-old company known for their excellent customer service)
  • Unrestricted design rights and 11 different file formats

I recommend you sign up for a free consultation with Deluxe Logo Services to jump start your logo design process; no credit card is required for the free consultation. In order to have the free phone consult you need to answer some questions about your logo preferences, which is helpful in shaping your brand's look and feel. You can use the phone consult to further shape your thinking, but also to screen Deluxe and see if they are a good fit for what you need.

To request your free consultation, just click on the red “Find the Designer For You” button on this page to request your free consult.

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Elna Cain August 5, 2015 at 1:17 pm


I love your advice about branding. When I first started freelance writing, I knew I need to make a professional social presence online.

I haven’t considered getting my logo professionally, but I do want to update my headshot with a professional photo.

Thanks for the tips!


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