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Butterfly Photography by Deborah Carney

Book Cover for Flowers With Wing Butterfly Photo Book

In another post I explained how we need to make time to do the things that are hiding deep inside ourselves and let them out. Well I did it, I published my first book of photographs on the Kindle. It is Flowers With Wings and has not only my photographs, but one from Vinny O'Hare (on the cover). It has quotations, proverbs and poems about butterflies, and each photograph has the correct name of the butterfly under it.

I have been photographing butterflies for many years, and have a very large collection of photographs. All our butterfly photographs are taken of live butterflies in the wild or in sanctioned butterfly conservatories. I feel it is important to bring this up because I actually saw a building in Utah that said “Largest Collection of Butterflies in the World”. We stopped and looked at the sign closer and they were all mounted butterflies. They weren't open, but I wouldn't have probably gone inside. I understand that butterflies have short lives and that the mounted ones probably weren't hurt when they were mounted, but it wasn't my cup of tea. And I like to photograph living things.

In days gone by it would have taken months to put a book together, it would need to be much longer and printing in color would price it so high that no one would buy it. Now if you are an artist or photographer you can create books of your illustrations, art and photography rather quickly and in series format so that you can price the books low, give value and build an audience that will anticipate your future editions.

I'm excited and am planning a series of books on butterflies, but also have several other series of books I can create. I can aim them at general audiences, make them instructional for children or just be whimsical. You can follow my progress by bookmarking my author page at Amazon.

One reason I am creating the butterfly series first is that I want most of my published photos to be identified. Over the years I have spent hours researching the names and IDs of the butterflies I have photographed and it was very frustrating to me to come to a web page or look in a reference book and see the butterfly I wanted to ID and that page didn't say what it was! I am creating what *I* needed, hence filling a need for other people out there as well. You can do the same. You have unique knowledge about something, get out there and share it!

When you publish your book be sure to post it to another new site I am developing to get exposure to new (and established) writers, you can post your book details, where to buy it and add your author bio to

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Loretta December 9, 2011 at 2:49 pm

Beautiful photography!


Deborah Carney December 12, 2011 at 4:12 am

Thank you!


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