Why You Should Use Online Bill Pay

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I personally have used online bill pay for years. Most banks offer this as a feature and allows you to stop writing checks, licking a stamp, and sending it out in the mail.

Here are 5 reasons you should start paying your bills online:

Save Money. You do not have to waste another dollar on a stamp, envelope or check. You can pay all your bills online with the click of a button. You also will save money on buying checks too!

Save Time. With online bill pay, there is no need to write out multiple checks for your bills each month. You just select the payee, type in the amount you want to pay, press pay and your bill is paid. No looking for envelopes and stamps either! You also save time balancing your checkbook, because all of the information you need to do so is online.

Avoid Late Fees. Most online bill pay systems allow you to set up reminders to inform you when your next bill is due. It can also notify you when your bill has been paid to the payee. You can even set up some bills on auto-pay. Also, the bank keeps track that they paid the bill, so if your creditor says you didn't, you have more proof. You also are not relying on the mail service to get your bill there on time. You can also usually set up a bill to get paid in the next day or two, so if you just notice a bill is due, you can get it paid in time (whereas the mail could take a week or more!).

Convenience. You can pay your bills anywhere a computer and internet connection is available. You don't even have to get dressed!

Security. Research indicates that online bill pay is safer and more secure than mailing your payments. Financial institutions use the latest technology and security to keep your information safe so that you can be at ease when paying your bills online.

I will be honest — once you start paying your bills online, you will not go back to writing checks anymore. It is just so easy and convenient, and there are just so many reasons why to stop writing checks! The only place I write checks now is for my daughter's school and church!

Do you use online bill pay? What are your thoughts?

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