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Summer is fast approaching and we all need a little vacation without breaking the bank. One of my favorite online booking tools is Priceline. I have been able to book trips to many destinations on a very low budget. Here are some tips to find the best rates on Priceline.

Steps to a Cheaper Vacation

  • Think of a few locations that you would like to travel to.
  • Go to Priceline and research these locations, by first reviewing the vacation packages the site has to offer.
  • Next piecemeal the trip by researching the hotel options first and then the air.
  • When researching the hotel choose the location, dates, and set the preferred star rating. I normally choose Resort only.
  • Here is the secret to getting the best deal! Now that you have narrowed it down to location and the star level you are comfortable with review all hotel options. Would you be happy in any of these hotels? If your answer is yes, then name your own price!
  • Look at what the lowest price is from the list of hotels and cut that in half. Then name your price, I normally start at around $39 a night. (Did she just say $39? Yes, yes I did.) Priceline will do one of three things; accept your offer, deny your offer, or tell you that a hotel will accept your offer if it is $XX amount higher.
  • If they deny your offer then you should try again, raising your offer by $10. Do this until your offer is accepted. Normally it will end up around half the price that was listed.

You can do the same thing for air travel, if you are ok with any airline and stop over’s. I am a nervous flier so I always book my own air. :)

I have booked Resorts in Puerto Rico for $99 a night, Disney World area for $79 a night, and more. The most I have booked a hotel for was $119 a night. Every booking I have made has been wonderful, we have never been put in a nasty room or near the kitchen. (Which is what my Mom thought was going to happen when I did this for her.)

The key to this is to be flexible with your location and to make sure that you like all of the hotels that are listed before you go to the name your own price page. When you name your own price you will want to make sure you choose the same location and the same star rating as you did when researching. So do not choose “All Areas” of a city such as Orlando. Narrow your search. Priceline knows this is how the system works but they don’t want you to know that so they will try and change the map up to make you think harder when choosing your location on the name your own price screen. I suggest you play around with the location and star rating when researching to see which location and star rating shows hotels that you like. Also, purchase the trip insurance so that you can cancel the booking if needed.

Good luck, and happy traveling!

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