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No matter what you vacation is this summer (traveling across the country or just camping out in your backyard), there are some great ways to save yourself time and money this summer. We personally drove from Chicago to New York and back, and managed not to overspend. (The kids managed not to kill one another in the car too! A double win!). Here are a few tips (we used many of them) to save money, save time, and save your sanity:

  • Be careful with your cellphone especially if you are heading out of the country this summer.  You can accidentally rack up thousands of dollars in roaming fees without even knowing it!  Also, if you have a limited data plan, you can accidentally go over your allotted amount too.
  • Going to the amusement park?  There are many different ways to save here.  For example, Great America offers savings on Coke cans.  Also, many of our local grocery stores and even banks offer tickets at a lower rate than at the gate.  You can even buy tickets online for cheaper many times!  If you are close to the amusement park, buying annual passes may be cheaper than paying every time you go.  Most of the time, you will have them paid off after 2 visits.
  • Buy special treats before the trip.  If you want to save money on souvenirs for your kids, you can often times buy autograph books and mouse ears online for way cheaper.  My kids are also  fans of a lot the things I find at the Dollar Store.  You just wrap these items up, and it is still a special treat for them (just cheaper!)
  • Let your credit card company know you are leaving.  Again, if you are going out of the country, you can get hit with foreign transaction fees.  If you are staying here in the States, you still want to let them know.  That way they won't freeze your account when you start charging from another state.
  • Weed out your wallet before you leave.  Just take what you need with you (credit card, license, etc).  That way if your wallet gets lost or stolen, the thief doesn't get everything.  It makes identity theft a little bit harder.
  • Make a list and check it twice.  I am not talking about the things you are packing either.  Make a list of everything in your wallet and your travel documents (passports, plane tickets, etc).  Leave a set with a friend and family member at home.  Leave a second set in your luggage.  Make sure that you have the toll free numbers for the credit cards, so you can cancel immediately if something happens.  (I personally lost a credit card at the Taste Of Chicago, so I can attest to this!).  Also, you also know exactly what the thieves have.
  • Take pictures of your kids before you head out each day.  This one is sanity saver versus a money saver.  By taking a picture of  your children each morning before you head out, you will have an updated picture in case anything should happen.  You'll have exactly how they looked that day, and may make it easier to find them if they get lost.
  • Protect your things.  Before you travel, find out what your insurance covers.  Your homeowners should cover your possessions and some credit cards do too!  When packing, make sure you take a picture of your suitcase.  If you end up having to make a claim, you will know what you had in there.  Also, use your in room safe for your valuables.  That's why it is there!

Taking steps like these help insure that you have a great vacation.  Happy Trails!

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