Making Valentine’s Day Less Expensive

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I have been married over ten years, so I will be honest that I do not expect a lot from my husband for Valentine's Day.  My husband personally thinks of it as a “Hallmark Holiday”, and therefore should not be celebrated.  (Yes, quite the romantic.  I know).  That being said, like most Americans nowadays, we try to save money where we can.  I don't want him spending an arm and a leg of money we do not have on a holiday like this (I would much rather have him do that on my birthday which is a month later!).

That being said, you can do Valentine's Day less expensive and possibly even make it more thoughtful.  Here are few of my tips:

  1. Flowers.  Roses are the most expensive flowers to get this time of year.  If you have to have flowers on Valentine's Day, daisies, freesias, carnations, or chrysanthemums are much cheaper choices. Honestly, flowers are flowers are flowers.
  2. Think homemade.  You can make your own card or simply write a love letter or poem. A personal letter says a lot more then something you picked out of a card aisle.  Personally, I would love a love letter from my husband!
  3. Cook a special dinner instead of heading out to a crowded, over-priced restaurant.  You can make a favorite meal or check the ads the weekend before your dinner and cook a meal that you have coupons for!  Save money and still be able to eat something nice with this tip!
  4. Instead of heading out to a movie, head out to Redbox!  Redbox rents moves for $1 a night which is way less than what you are going to pay in the theater.  You can also pop some of your own popcorn and make your home your personal movie theater!
  5. Shop early. Prices on certain items around special events and holidays always seem to go up.  If you find the perfect gift early, just pack it away.  It is money you would have spent anyway and now you saved yourself a few dollars.
Valentine's Day happens once a year, and you want to make your significant other feel special.  However, you can do that without breaking the bank with these tips.  Remember it is about showing the person you care for how much they mean to you ― not how much you can spend.  The really great part of these tips is that the kids can help you will all of them!
How do you spend your Valentine's Day?  With your kids?  Just you and your significant other?  How do you save money on Valentine's Day?  Please leave your money saving tips in the comments below!

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Loretta Oliver February 10, 2012 at 12:27 am

We generally don’t do cards and candy and all of that “valentiney” stuff. We’ll probably have dinner in, maybe something a little more than we usually have, spend the evening with the kids and maybe watch a movie – probably from the Redbox by 7-11, might even get Slurpees for the kids while we’re there.


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