Controling Your Vacation Food Budget

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Taking a vacation can be very expensive. Eating on vacation can cost you even more!

Unfortunately for our budgets, we all need to eat. What makes things worse is that food in most vacation hot spots is much more expensive than your local grocery market. Restaurants and stores know they can charge more for food because you have no other choice but to stop there. However, there are a few things you can do to save yourself money on food while on vacation.

Pack breakfast. You must eat breakfast. However, you don't have to break the bank to do so. Bring your own cereal and just purchase the milk when you get to your destination and keep it in the hotel refrigerator. You can buy full size boxes or those little snack size boxes. I've even brought my own bowls that we've washed out in the sinks. If your room has a coffee maker, you can heat up some water and make yourself some instant oatmeal too!

Always carry snacks. Carry light snacks like a granola bar or fruit snack in your bag/purse. This will carry you over till your next meal and you won't feel like you have to spend $5 on that twisted pretzel with cheese.

Lunch on the go. Soup and macaroni and cheese in a cup make a quick and easy lunch you can bring in your suitcase. You do not have to eat these every day, but after eating out every day on vacation, you may want just a small, inexpensive meal that you can enjoy outside of a restaurant.

Look for deals. If you have kids, eat where kids eat free. Several restaurants may also offer discounts for senior citizens. Research the area where you will be staying, find deals online and print out coupons. You can also look for daily deals sites like GroupOn and get great deals to eat at certain places!

Have an early dinner. If you are going to the restaurant to eat your meal, try to book an early dinner. If you go during the end of lunch time you will get the lunch time price, but will be eating for dinner. More than likely you will not have to eat again, depending on the portion of the meal. (I've actually done this trick for breakfast/lunch.

These tip should help you save a few dollars on your next vacation on food! Happy Eating!

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