Why You Should Join a Mastermind Group

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It's hard to stay in touch with industry friends and contacts when you work from home. Even if you're a social media butterfly, who follows every tweet and status update, you're missing out on valuable insights and interactions that office workers enjoy.

Water cooler talk, team meetings, and other social exchanges are great ways to get feedback, brainstorm, and learn new things. Networking with people who are as smart (or smarter) than you, makes you better at what you do.

Working from home gives you the freedom and flexibility to work on your terms, but it can also isolate you from the ideas and opinions of others. What's a work at home mom to do?

Form a mastermind group!

A mastermind group offers you many of the same benefits as working in an office, but without the drawbacks. With a mastermind group, you meet with the people you want to interact with, on your terms. This allows you to get the most out of every meeting, and stay productive.

My Mastermind Experience

I recently joined a new mastermind group this year. The group was formed after a couple of email exchanges between some of the members. We decided to keep the group small, so that we could coordinate schedules, and keep the meetings focused. I wanted to share a couple of tips from our group, that can help you form your own mastermind:

1. Mastermind with People You Know and Trust

The founding members of our mastermind group have known each other for a few years. It's easier for us to open up about our business and the industry, knowing that the information we share will stay within the group. If there are people in the group that other members aren't comfortable with, it can hinder the flow of information and ideas.

2. Set a Regular Meeting Time

Even though our group is small (less than 10 people), we had to coordinate schedules across 3 time zones. We decided to setup a weekly web conference using GoToMeeting. The meeting is at the same time and day every week. A standing meeting makes it easier for everyone to remember, and makes it easier to prioritize.

3. Have an Agenda

Before the meeting, one of us will send out a meeting agenda. This helps us to stay on track during the meeting, and keeps us on schedule.

4. Give to Get

I've found that the best way to get is by giving. When you have a “give to get” attitude, everybody in the group wins. Don't be selfish with your talents or your time. Give freely of both, and you'll find that other people in the group will reciprocate.

5. Form a Diverse Group

It's important to have diversity in your group. Invite people who have unique backgrounds and experiences. Our group consists of both men and women, who have been in the Affiliate Marketing industry from 5-15 years. Every member in our group has a unique skill set, which helps us learn from each other. If your group lacks diversity, you won't push or challenge each other hard enough, which is one of the benefits of forming a mastermind.

Get Started Today

My mastermind group has only met a few times, but we've already exchanged several great ideas, tools, and contacts. I'm feeling more motivated, and love the social interaction.

What are you waiting for? All you need to do is rally a few friends, choose an online meeting service, and schedule a time to meet. Once you've kicked things off, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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