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Generally when working at a job outside of the home, everything that you need is provided to you. Working from home means providing all of your own supplies and tools. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what is necessary when just starting out.

One of my favorite things to do when I began working from home was visiting the local office supply place and just browsing through all the rows of paper, pens, folders, files, labels, and desk accessories. I spent a whole lot of money on items that I thought that I needed. Years later and I am pretty sure some of them are lurking, untouched somewhere in my house.

I would love to share my top 5 tools for working from home with you. These are the items that I find very necessary in being a work at home mom.

  1. Wireless Internet – While I find myself being most productive when working from my desk, it is not always possible to be there. I am just as likely to work from my kitchen table or at a local coffee shop and I need the ability to be online anywhere.
  2. Pen and paper – Some people prefer to brainstorm and make lists on their computer. I like to do it with good old fashioned pen and paper. There is nothing quite as satisfying as crossing something off a list with a big line. I have a large stock of legal pads and each project gets its own. Plus I have a lined journal that I try to carry with me at all times to take notes and brainstorm in.
  3. A Calendar – Planning is a big key to being productive. I like having a big calendar on the wall to make notes on, write down all appointments and events, and keep a minimal schedule. Using an online calendar that can sync with your smartphone is also super helpful.
  4. Laptop computer – I make my living in the online world and having a computer is a must have. Closely related to tool number 1, it is necessary that I am not bound to a desktop computer. From personal experience, purchase the best that you can afford and have a reliable method of backing up your data.
  5. Kid's Activity Box – Having kids underfoot can make it very difficult to get anything done. Fill up an empty box with coloring books, craft projects, stickers, stamps, play dough and other fun items that your kids only get to play with while you are working. It never fails, your kids could be happily playing and you sit down to get some work done. They suddenly become very bored, hungry, etc and need your attention right away. Pull out the box and get back to work. At least for 10 minutes!

I hope that my favorite tools help you out. Share in the comments below what your favorite ones are.

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Shannon Weidemann is married to her network engineer husband and mother to two daughters, one the human kind and the other of the canine variety. She has been working at home since 2002. She blogs about working from home and affiliate marketing at MarketingElf and also has a bit of a passion for children's party supplies.


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Tess January 12, 2012 at 2:00 am

Great list Shannon, working from home is a lot different than working in an office. It is also a great way to work as you desire and you don’t need to get up early to go to the office. However, working from home is not that easy. There are also chores that you need to do even you are working. The best way to manage work and chores is by managing time efficiently. This way you can do work at the same time helps on doing chores. Here is a tool that can help you manage time efficiently, using this tool it tracks time accurately on both online and offline tasks. Managing time effectively makes you more productive.


Sophia Walks February 25, 2014 at 9:15 am

Work from home is another best option in order to achieve productivity but at the same time the need to keep a track of the work is very much necessary for all possible sense. The time matters a lot in the regards of work from home. basically usage of a time tracking software that can effectively manage the time and keep track of it in the segment for a profitable work culture is what that makes a proper sense.


Brain Robert May 27, 2016 at 4:27 am

Managing remote workers can really get tricky as you have no clue if the worker had really worked for the time he is suppose to work, also keeping all the workers on the same page to avoid any communication gap is a must. With the help of tools and softwares available in the market one can assure productivity. Tools such as :
Skype for video conferencing
Dropbox for file and data sharing
Hivedesk for Time and productivity management
Hangouts for instant messaging


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