Is It Time to Get Up from Your Desk?

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(This post calls for some audience participation, so get ready for it.)

Working from home it seems that I either spend all of my time at my desk or none of it. On the weekends I try not to go into my office at all to preserve some of the “space” between my work and family. On the flip side, during the workday I hardly get up at all. The kids leave at 7am and don't get home until somewhere between 3 and 5. I make it my goal to get as much done as possible during that time.

But at what cost? Can you really sit for 8 hours straight and have it be a GOOD thing? I doubt it.

Even though you want to get through as much work as you can, it will benefit you in may ways to get up once every hour or two. At a minimum, you should be stretching and moving your muscles a little bit. Also consider grabbing a bottle of water at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

It's easy to get in the “zone” while working in a quiet space and not want to leave it. Consider alternately that taking a break from an activity can refresh your mind, make you more creative, and help you solve problems you are stuck on.

If like me you have been sitting for hours, get up RIGHT NOW and move around. Do a couple of jumping jacks. Run out to the mailbox. Throw a load of clothes in the washer. Take advantage of your surroundings in some way to change your pace, spark your mind, or give yourself an energy boost. You won't miss 3 minutes of work time and you might just end up more productive.

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