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My friend Lisa Picarille and I were having a discussion over Skype yesterday about productivity and it really made me think about what I do in a typical day and how I am most productive. We all have to do things sometimes that we don't enjoy, but scheduling your work in such a way that you can minimize the stuff you don't like will help you maximize your overall productivity.

My Inbox is a great example. Once upon a time I got down to Inbox Zero and was so proud of myself. But over time it crept back up and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it below about 30. I realized that the reason I couldn't get it down was because I was procrastinating on about 10 emails in there that I just didn't want to deal with. Once I set my mind to just kn0cking all of those out in an afternoon I was able to clear out EVERY email. Back down to Zero again, I am keeping the Inbox cleared out because I am not letting the undesirable things bog me down mentally.

Another example is Outsourcing. There are tasks at Sunshine Rewards that I am just not good at and do not enjoy. One is the customer service of dealing with non-crediting sales. Nothing wears me down more than working on those. I hired someone to do them for 5 hours a week and I swear that it feels like I save myself 15 hours. I am much more productive on other revenue-earning tasks such that I am actually making MORE money by paying someone else to do the things that I don't like.

Lastly, sometimes you just have to make your own way. When you own your own business, you figure out what it is that you like to do. One of my “jobs” today is to do a California Wine Club Review for their new series of Pacific Northwest wines. Sounds rough, huh? I love wine, I love writing about wine. It's a task that will probably be my most productive all day. After that, maybe I'll find some chocolate to taste test and write about!

Do you find yourself getting bogged down into unproductive days? Is it because you don't like what you are doing? How can you change that?

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