5 Ways You Can Finish An eBook Before Christmas Break

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The end of the year is creeping up fast. The reality is that many of us don't have nearly as much work time as we'd like in the last two weeks of the year with holidays and family time and visiting and maybe even an actual vacation, so really the “business year” is almost over.

Maybe you intended to put out some digital ebooks or to publish on Kindle this year, but you didn't quite get it done. Maybe you started and didn't finish. Maybe you have an outline laying around waiting for you to pay attention to it. Here are five amazingly simple and fast ways that you can put together an ebook from start to finish before the holiday break…. (seriously, easy, I promise!)

Hire A Ghostwriter

Possibly the easiest way of all is to just hire a ghostwriter. This isn't the most cost efficient way, but it is definitely easy and it gets the job done. If you have that idea outline, or you started and you didn't finish, you can hand off those materials to your ghostwriter and they can fill in the missing pieces for you. This is also a really good option if you are one of those folks who is prone to revising and revising and never publishing – a ghostwriter gets the job done, period, no floundering around in search of absolute perfection.

Gather Blog Posts Together

If you have a blog, chances are that you have lots of really great blog posts hanging out in your archive that new readers might not have seen yet. Really great pillar content articles that you poured your heart into sitting in your archives from last year filled with amazing details and ideas, just waiting for you to revisit them. Open up a Word document, bring a handful of those blog posts (it only takes four or five of them, maybe even two or three for a short report style ebook) add a cover page, some extra images, maybe write an updated paragraph here and there or add some transitional content between each article, and ta-da, just like holiday magic, you've got an ebook done.

Edit Some PLR Content

If you're not feeling very into writing, you can pick up some PLR content on your topic and edit that into a darn amazing ebook with some simple tweaks pretty fast. (PLR stands for private label rights) PLR packages can be purchased at affordable prices and you can use them as a base for your ebook, just add your own thoughts throughout, jazz it up with some images, and you'll be done before it's time to bake cookies and hang the mistletoe.

Two of my favorite PLR places are Easy PLR and All Private Label Content. Both are affordable and will give you a quality base of content to get your ebook done fast.

Dictate It and Have it Transcribed

If you're more comfortable talking about your topic than writing about your topic, just dictate what you want to say. You can record to your computer, to your smartphone, to a digital recorder, or you can even use a service like FreeConferenceCall.com. Send the audio off to a transcriptionist and you'll have everything written up for you, all you'll have to do is add some final touches.

Edit Transcripts from Webinars and/or Podcasts

This is similar to gathering up those old blog posts. If you've done webinars, teleseminars, or podcasts, the transcripts from those are a goldmine of information just waiting to be repurposed into shiny new ebooks and articles. (If you haven't had them transcribed yet, there's still time before the holidays.) Add images, a few transitional paragraphs, updated information where needed, and transcripts can be turned into ebooks before the coffee gets cold.

Mix & Match!

All of the above can work together to create ebooks and other information products quickly too. Say you grabbed a package of PLR articles, combine that with a few of your old blog posts, and you can have a very detailed informative report by the end of the day. You could take your podcast transcripts, your idea outline, and hand all that to a ghostwriter as the basis for a project. Lots of possibilities and combinations to pull together content into an ebook or short report that you can have done before the last day of the month.

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