Three Weird Things People Say and Think About Social Media

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There's no doubt that social media is becoming more and more important if you want to market and grow your online presence, and thus your business and income. Somehow the increased importance of being social has led to people saying and thinking some strange and sometimes ridiculous things….

Here's one I hear variations of surprisingly often…

“Social media is for kids and 20-somethings, my audience isn't going to be there.”

Really!? That's just crazy talk. People of all ages are accessing the internet and social media via their computers, smartphones, and tablets.

According to a study done over at Pingdom; 25% of the users on these sites are aged 35 to 44 and the average social network user is 37 years old. (check out the full article and charts here – there's some very interesting information there about social media and who is using it the most)

Another thing I've heard a lot that always throws me off balance…

“Social media isn't for service providers like me.”

My response there is always the same. More than half of my transcription clients found me or were referred to me via social media. More.than.half.

If you think social media can't help you with your service based business, you're missing the boat. Service providers and social just makes good sense, think of it has networking in your pajamas.

Here's one that will make you laugh…

“Social media is a bunch of fast free advertising, but it doesn't get me any leads.”

Yeah. I'll wait while you wipe the coffee off your keyboard with that one.

The problem there is an obvious one. Social media is not free advertising, it's a platform for engaging your audience and potential audience. It's called social media because you have to be social. If you're just talking about fantastic you are or how shiny your widget is then no one is going to care.

What are some silly things you've heard people say about social media for marketing your business?

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