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Half the battle in business success is sharing your knowledge. Networking with others can build your business, but demonstrating your expertise will show you really do know what you're talking about. Let's pretend you're a fantastic baker. If you never tell people you are a baker, that you sell baked goods or you cater parties, no one will ever know to consider hiring you or buying your delicious cupcakes. Just showing up to work every day and getting the job done isn't going to spread the word about you, your skills, nor your business.

Here I am sharing knowledge


Ideas to help you find more opportunities to share what you know:

  • Write – Share your knowledge by writing on your own blog or offer to become a contributor on an industry related website. Submit articles to trade magazines. You can also write ebooks or self published printed books to share information that relates to what you know.
  • Teach a class – There are a number of places you can offer to teach a class to share your expertise. Consider looking at local community or rec centers and colleges.
  • Speak at conferences – Look for business events in your industry that invite speaker proposals and seminar hosts. You can also host your own online classes with very little upfront cost.
  • Be a guest – Offer to provide information and content for events, venues and websites relating to your business. You could be a guest speaker at a local meetup or business function. You could share your knowledge for a related podcast or radio show. You could also offer written content as a guest for other websites and blogs.

A year or so ago I was exchanging emails with an acquaintance. We were brainstorming ideas for some upcoming event and I made a side joke about something business related. His reply surprised me… he said “Jen, I don't really even known what it is you do.”. I had known the man for at least 4 years and I was shocked to realize he didn't had much of a clue about what I had to offer as far as business goes. This one comment made me stop and take a good look at what it is I do and how I present that to everyone else. I'm in a lot of places going a 100 directions at all times. So focusing to promote what I do to feed my family can be a little tricky. I'm still working on my own technique and sharing, but I've learned that coming right out and telling people exactly what you do is the best method. Don't assume people “get it”, they're busy with their own lives, generally they don't have time to sit and guess or theorize what other people are doing.

The trick is to share what you know, but at the same time making sure it relates to your expertise and your business. The more you tell people what you do and what you know, the more likely they are to think of you when they are looking for products or services like yours. Build the relationships you need as a business but make sure to share your business genius with the world so the world knows what you do.

Happy Promoting! What do YOU do?

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Tricia April 12, 2012 at 1:42 pm

I love this post! I came to the realization last year that some things that I do I take for granted that everyone else knows how to do as well. It isn’t until you start opening up with others through different channels that you figure out what you can share that will be of value to everyone else.


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