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Today I want to talk about making affiliate offers in your service based business to save yourself time while still earning money. And at the same time you can also save your clients time and money while offering them valuable resources to grow their own businesses, making you their go-to resource when they need someone who is “in the know” about what's useful and not useful.

I think the easiest way to explain what I mean is with an example…

When I was still offering general virtual assistant services a client had me set up a group of websites for them. I set up the DNS, installed WordPress, customized their preferred theme with a header graphic, set up an Aweber mailing list for each site, and set up the freebie they were giving away to the list subscribers upon confirmation, then added the seed content of 10 articles to each website. I did this for about a dozen websites the client was starting up.

At this point the client emailed me and said everything looked great and it was all so fast. That's when they told me they had no idea how to actually use WordPress to add the fresh content to the sites each week to maintain them and they asked if I could do that for them. Of course I could do that. The client also asked if I would be willing to spend a few hours each week walking them through how to use the system and do screen shares showing them how I was doing what I was doing. We're talking extreme beginner level here, I had to set up a step by step direction set for the client to even be able to login to both WordPress and cPanel.

Now, here is where a lot of service providers might have seen dollar signs on an easy commission. I was honestly just surprised that they had gone to such lengths to pay me to get all these websites set up knowing that they didn't know how to maintain them. I needed a solution and a good one. Fortunately not long before that I had reviewed Traci Knoppe's Beginner to Blogger course and I knew it was a good step-by-step from the beginning solution for someone to get started with blogging even if they were a complete newbie, Traci went in depth in the four week course and it was like having someone there beside you to walk you through every step.

(Side note: In this same situation today I would recommend Traci's Affiliate Marketing Starter program, which includes the Beginning Blogger course but also goes even more in depth using WordPress and doing affiliate marketing, which in this case was the client's end goal – blogging and affiliate marketing.)

I explained to my client that while I could walk them through everything, and do screen sharing once or twice a week to show exactly what I was doing as I was doing it, that a more long term solution if they were interested in doing these things themselves might be to check out this course. I included the affiliate link and disclosed that I was an affiliate and that the product author was a part of a business mastermind group that I was part of.

The client bought the course the same day and I later received a commission for the referral. I saved myself time and I earned a commission. I save my client time and long term I saved my client money as well, because they would have paid me far more in hourly fees to walk them through everything and teach them how to use WordPress than the cost of the course they purchased. And it built trust in the client relationship because I pointed out a valuable sensible solution instead of taking the easy commissions. It was a win-win situation for everyone in the end.

Connecting your clients with affiliate offers in your service based business can help you increase your income without increasing your workload. And who doesn't want an increased income? Don't overwork yourself when you know of great resources like this and don't be afraid to offer them to your clients.

A lot of service providers hesitate to share affiliate offers with their clients because they're afraid the client will take it the wrong way. The truth is if you can connect your client with a program or offer that will save them time, save them money, save them hours of frustration, they're going to be glad you made the recommendation to them! They're going to thank you for seeing a need in their business and for helping them to solve a problem they were having.

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