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Facebook fan pages offer terrific opportunities to promote your business and grow your audience. The great big header at the top of each fanpage is often times under utilized space to market what it is you have to offer. PicMonkey is a tool you need to use to help use that space more effectively. There's a really cool online photo editing tool called It's free to use and packed full of features that will allow you to create great images to use on your blogs and websites. It's easy to use and even has a neat option specific to the sizing needed to make a photo collage for Facebook cover. You can create a image easily that's just as unique as your business. I mentioned it was free, right? There's no registration either – Yay!

PicMonkey online photo editing

PicMonkey online photo editing

Before you start – stop worrying, you don't have to be a Graphic Designer to use this software. I promise, it's really easy!

The first thing you want to do is choose “Create a Collage”. Once in the photo editing area, you'll be able to choose a variety of options for your photo collage including uploading your own photos, choosing the collage layout and things like spacing, rounded corners and background color.

Once you've made your selections, you can upload your photos and add them to the image spaces in the editor by dragging them where you want them. The best part is, you can create your own layout by dragging edges of the images in the collage to resize that space. Add in more photos to create a unique format and even move the photos around in each box to highlight a specific area.

Make a photo collage with PicMonkey online photo editor

Make a photo collage with PicMonkey online photo editor

After you have the entire collage designed how you like, save it to use where ever you want. Because there is no registration or account associated with the PicMonkey service, you need make sure to save your images on your computer in a place you'll remember.

To add this image to your Facebook fan page, you simply upload as you would any other photo. Save your change and you're all set!

Updating Facebook fanpage header with my new PicMonkey collage

Updating Facebook fanpage header with my new PicMonkey collage

I created a brand new header for my 100 Directions Facebook fan page for this article in about 25 minutes. It would have been a much quicker process if I had realized all the customizing options ahead of time and didn't get sidetracked playing with the tools. I found myself having a hard time deciding which images to use and how big to make them. Options are good!

Now you can make your own photo collage for your Facebook fan page with  instead of using a single image. Show off more of what your fan page is about, share more visual ideas in a single space or just share more of your favorite images. There are a ton of different layout choices so you're sure to find one that fits what you're looking for… and bonus: there's no software to install or keep updated!

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