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A young man in the Jacuzzi at the hotel where I am staying, probably about 8 years old, was talking about dragons not going in water and I asked him what he knew about dragons, since I am writing a story with dragons in it. He told me there are also Ice Dragons which shoot ice instead of flames and freeze everything and have tiny wings and don't really fly much. There are Rock Dragons that are brown, with very big wings and a spike for a tail. Rock dragons shoot rocks at their prey. I asked how he learned so much, was it in a book or on the internet, his answer is what I would like to hear more kids his age say: “I just know”. That means he dreamed it up himself and therefore it is real. Kids need to be encouraged to have that kind of imagination and then have their imaginary thoughts validated by adults. This young man has obviously been told that his imagination is his reality and in a good way he shared that information with me.

This is how writers write. They make up their world and then bring us into it. This week I recorded a podcast with a woman that took her childhood learning and reality and put it into words for the world to share and enjoy with her. Cora Blu wrote from her childhood learning and experience and created a wonderful underwater world that is in danger.

Listen to her podcast to learn about her journey and now her challenges as a Work At Home Mom. Below is the blurb about our podcast:

BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney is joined by indie published author Cora Blu to discuss her writing, her daily routine and some awesome marketing tips. Cora shares her inspiration from writing, including how her science teacher and others encouraged her develop her imagination and writing themes. She is a great example of why we should encourage and help our kids use their imagination and follow where that imagination leads.

Go to podcast.

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