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So you're a consultant for a party plan business – how do you use Twitter to help you market your business? Believe it or not, long ago and far away I was a consultant for a party plan company. Even though I'm not anymore, I often can't help but notice the opportunities Twitter holds for moms with those types of businesses.

Below are four tips to help you increase your reputation and sales using Twitter.

Customize Your Profile

First and foremost, get your profile customized. That's not to say you need fancy backgrounds or graphics. But you should definitely customize your color scheme and add a picture. Nothing says “spam” faster than the default Twitter avatar. You should also be sure that the picture is of you and not the logo of your party plan business. Twitter isn't going to be a source of many sales directly per se, but rather a way to build your network to indirectly increase sales. And people want to network with people, not logos.

Make Local Connections

Even though the Internet has opened tons of new virtual doors for party plan reps to get sales outside their local area, there is still an immense benefit to marketing your business locally, and Twitter can help you build those relationships faster than your local Chamber of Commerce ever could (in my experience).

Do a search on Twitter Grader for your location and check out the profiles of folks who list your location in their bio. If you're in a major city, you can find folks near you by finding and clicking on local cities in the Twitter Grader Top Twitter Cities list.

Not in a major metro area? Never fear. Simply click on any city link (for this example, I will use the Chicago listings) and change out the city and state to your own. For example, I live in Katy, TX which is a small town outside of Houston. I'd take the Chicago URL:


and change it to:


Which will then produce a listing of the “top 50” tweeters in Katy, TX.

Check out the bios and follow folks you think are interesting and that you think may find you interesting. You're not looking to sell to them, you're simply looking to make local connections – so make sure they're people you think you can converse with (I typically say follow the people you'd think would be interesting to have coffee with).

Don't Sell Your Business, Build Relationships

Remember, the point of Twitter is not to directly increase sales for the most part, so leave the sales pitches at home. Create conversations, and get involved in the conversations of others when you think you have something to add. Did you see someone tweet about a new movie you saw last week? Offer up your opinion.

The point is to build relationships, not tweet your latest hostess gift special every three hours. Think of Twitter as a local business meetup. No one wants to talk to the chick who is telling you about the benefits of their representative program the second after saying “Hi”.

That's not to say that you can never post a special or new promotion – but it needs to be a single digit percentage of your overall tweets.

Bonus tip: Turn off the automated Direct Messages (DMs). Just like TYPING IN ALL CAPS is considered “yelling” on the Internet, automated DMs are perceived by many folks on Twitter to be spammy and can often result in instant unfollowing.

Monitor Your Party Plan Brand

A few months back I was interested in taking a look at Longaberger products, which meant I was looking for a Longaberger representative. So I tweeted as such. Had one of their reps been monitoring Twitter for the brand name, they would have seen the tweet and been able to respond to me, which would have resulted in my requesting a catalog (and placing an order with them if I found some stuff I liked).

To monitor Twitter for your party plan brand, simply do a search for the brand name and variations of it. For instance, “Celebrating Home” used to be called “Home and Garden Party”. If I were a rep, I'd set up saved Twitter searches for “Celebrating Home”, “Home and Garden Party” and “HGP”.

To create a saved search, simply do a search for the term you want to monitor and then click “Save this search” at the top of the search results. Then, when you're on your Twitter home screen, you can see all those searches by clicking on the “Searches” tab.

This way, if someone IS seeking out information about your party plan, you can be sure to know – and potentially gain a new customer.

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