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I often hear from small business owners that they don't have the time or the money to invest in using social media marketing to promote their company. But the truth is you don't need to hire a full-time social media coordinator, and you don't need to spend all day on the social media channels to make an impact with your customers. However, you do need to spend a little time getting familiar with the platform, and before you know it you'll be engaging with your clients like a pro.

The first, and I believe, the most important social media platform is Facebook. With over 800 million users you have the potential to connect with a giant audience. Use this to your advantage. Imagine those 800 million users as leads, already in one place, just waiting for you to show them what you have to offer.

Tips On How To Use Facebook For Small Businesses

  • Set Up A Business Page – Most likely you already have a personal profile page, so within your account, start a page for your business. You don't need a separate login and password, it's built right into your personal account.
  • Get The Word Out – email your clients, your friends, and family and let them know that you've created a Facebook page for your business and ask them to “Like” it. Don't think you're asking too much of them. Chances are they are currently surfing Facebook anyway, right?
  • Post Updates – make it a point to post one update a day. It can be directly related to your business like a special you have going on that day, or it can be a link to a blog post you've written on your business site already.
  • Engage – I can't stress this enough. Do not, under any circumstances just push content out on your Facebook page without engaging with your audience. When they “Like” a post you've made, or leave a comment you must respond to them. This can be as easy as a “Thanks for the like” or you can further the conversation with a comment or question. Make sure they know you are listening.
  • Don't Be Afraid Of The Negative – Most likely at some point in your business you've had a client who is unhappy with you. With the social web now, this makes it easier for those unhappy clients to lash out at businesses with ease. If you get a negative comment, do not delete it! Instead, start a dialog with them and try to resolve it publicly. Deleting it only shows that you are trying to hide something, and it's a better practice to deal with it in an open forum. Of course this doesn't apply to downright rude, defamatory, or personal attacks. Those can, and should be deleted.
  • Don't Just Sell – sure the main purpose of your business is selling, but don't make that the main purpose of your Facebook page. Make it fun, educational, and earn respect from your followers. Once you have that, they will buy from you.
  • Most Of All Be Patient – Don't expect to grow your Facebook page to 100K fans overnight, and don't let the slow growth discourage you from using it. It's a slow natural organic growth cycle.
  • This is just a small list of things to get your started with a Facebook business page. If you have more questions please feel free to ask away in the comments below. I'm more than happy to help you.

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