Easy Link Love: How To Get Quality Backlinks (Product Review)

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This course is designed to get you consistently building valuable links to your website on a consistent basis. For many of us building backlinks is the hardest part of managing an online business, because to be competitive in the online world you need links and you need search engine rankings. We want to gain authority, we want to keep the search engines happy, and we want people to like us all at the same time.

Before I start talking about the overall course, I want to tell you about the course instructor, a friend I met at the NAMS marketing and business event a few years ago. Susanne Myers is a determined work at home mom who took a simple website about homemaking , cooking, and frugal family living and grew it into a community of raving fans, an income source for her own family, and managed to build 70,000+ backlinks and receives over 10,000 unique visitors per day. (Yes, you read that right – per day, it’s not a typo.)

The first thing you do in this course is actually work on the foundation of your website and your content – after all you need something for people to link to, right? These important beginning stages of the course help you make sure that you’re building content that will earn you traffic from search engines going forward no matter what search engine updates and changes might occur in the future. Content for people that people will like, share, and come back to.

Once your content foundation is solid and ready to go you’re going to learn how to easily build a link profile that’s both natural and strategic. The course is called Easy Link Love for a reason – it’s easy and you’re going to love it, but more importantly your readers are going to love you. There’s a great mix of link building strategies in this course and you’ll takeaway golden nuggets of information in each week’s lesson.

I do want to be clear. This is not set it and forget it marketing. This is building a growing profile of links that will be solid and last long term with your business. There is work involved and it takes time to build this sort of foundation for your business. Taking Susanne’s results as an example of what happens when you put this work in, I would say it is well worth the effort.

I first purchased this course about a year ago now and I still frequently find myself referring back to the lesson PDF files (and some of the nifty bonus materials) time and time again. I've even used them to help outline what I outsource to my team

Susanne always keeps things simple and walks you through everything step-by-step in a way that makes sense no matter what level you’re on, so *yes* this course is even for beginners. While I would recommend it most highly for beginners who are just starting off with link building and marketing of their website, I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to grow their business, get fresh traffic, and stop worrying about what Google is going to do or change next. This is a proven system that works time and time again.

==> Click here to learn more about Susanne's Easy Link Love course, her results, and to get started building quality links to your website today!

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