4 Ways to Upgrade your Facebook Marketing Efforts

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4 Ways to Upgrade your Facebook Marketing Efforts

One seventh of all people on the planet are active Facebook users, making Facebook the third largest “nation” population-wise, worldwide. Falling just behind China and India, some tech insiders even predict it could surpass the population of both countries by 2016.

Whereas marketing execs and business owners know they have little chance of selling to the bulk of those account holders, the savvy ones recognize their potential to sell to a small percentage — and a small percentage of 1 billion Facebook users is a lot!

While many companies have taken the step toward creating Facebook pages, the majority have failed to create marketing strategies to accompany them. Many company pages serve as placeholders, with a company name and contact information, but nothing else of value. When used well, Facebook offers the opportunity for free advertising. By building an active page and consistently engaging with followers, businesses can increase views, encourage user engagement, and create a bigger conversation around their brands.

Here are a few tips to step up your Facebook marketing game:

1. Provide Quality Information

By creating and sharing quality content, your business page not only provides users with articles worth reading, it also builds a reputation that you're a leader in your industry. Keep information business-specific, and give readers something unique that only you can offer.

Instead of writing this content directly on Facebook, post the articles on your company blog or website and then share that page to Facebook. This gets interested users to your company site, where, hopefully, they’ll take some time to browse.

Take a look at LifeLock's Facebook page, for example. The identity theft protection company uses Facebook as a platform to share relevant articles and helpful tips for customers. This content is hosted on their company blog, which they link to from their Facebook page.

2. Provide Real Information and Make it Entertaining

Facebook is first and foremost a social community, and to find success on the platform, you must think of it as such. You’re not in a lecture hall; you’re at a party — and you need to spin your tale as you would at a party for the most profound effect. Kick your article content up a notch, or better yet, turn to video. By providing your Facebook followers information in a clever way, you're also giving them something worthy of sharing — the Facebook equivalent of good word of mouth.

Following the success of its “Old Spice Man” commercials, Old Spice has adopted video as one of its main forms of communication on the brand's Facebook page. There, they post amusing ads, which their followers then share far and wide.

3. Promote New Products

Facebook is a perfect medium for product updates, and a great place to show potential customers how your new products can impact their lives.

The bareMinerals Facebook page is a good example of product updates done right, with quick overviews paired with striking images to keep customers up-to-date on their latest must-have products.

4. Offer Freebies or Discounts

Freebies, coupons, and discounts are a great way to attract current and new customers, and entice them to share your deals with others.

Candles Off Main, the Maryland-based candle and fragrance company, uses its Facebook page to share a steady stream of discounts and giveaways. By giving things away and providing deals, they invite new customers to sample their products and remind current customers it’s time to make another purchase.

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