4 Tips on Using Craigslist to Market Your WAHM Business

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As a WAHM, you likely already know that marketing your home based business can be challenging sometimes. You need to share the product or service you offer without spending a ton of money. Plus, you want marketing tools that are easy to use and target customers near your home.

Beyond business cards, a social media presence or an online shop, have you considered Craigslist? This site offers you an affordable, easy and convenient advertising tool for your home business.

Why Choose Craigslist for your WAHM Business?

Every day, nearly 10 million visitors check out the ads on Craigslist. Located in over 300 communities, Craigslist offers free advertising for your business. To get started, follow four easy steps.

1. Choose a Category

Because Craigslist doesn’t allow users to post in more than one category, decide where your product or service fits best. For example, if you bake cakes, consider posting in the “for sale” or under “services.”

The category you choose is as important as the geographical region. You might be tempted to reach a larger audience by posting an ad in a big city. Remember, though, that Craigslist is primarily for face-to-face meetings. Site administrators might flag and remove your ad if you post it in an area outside of your hometown.

2. Grab Attention with the Headline

With the category in mind and limited space to make a good first impression, you’ll need to be creative with your headline. Try to write a headline that would grab a reader’s attention. You will also want to be as detailed as possible. “Decorated Occasion Cakes by —” is better than “Decorated Cakes.”

3. Write a Clear Ad

After you capture attention with the headline, write a clear ad. In addition to information like who, what, where and when, include other details.

  • Accurate description
  • Price
  • Photos
  • Contact information including your web site, business email address or phone number

While you want to include as much detail as possible, remember to keep the ad short and simple. To-the-point ads share necessary information without overwhelming the reader. Use short sentences and paragraphs, proper grammar and spelling, and descriptive language.

Ads do expire so track the renewal date. You’ll also want to avoid posting duplicate ads. Within a 48-hour period, post an ad only once. Multiple listings that sound similar or include similar language and information could attract a flag for site misuse.

4. Utilize Forums

Ads give you free advertising, but did you know that the forums are the most trafficked area of Craigslist? Use this popular venue to build your brand and share your business.

  • Reply to comments
  • Start new and positive threads
  • Introduce yourself and your products or services

Forums also help you communicate with potential buyers. As you use good manners and post applicable replies, remember that anyone using the forum is a potential customer.

Are you ready to promote your work at home business on Craigslist? Take advantage of the free advertising with four easy steps. As you post ads, choose the correct category in a location near your hometown. Write engaging headlines and short accurate descriptions. Include contact information, and get ready to invite new customers to your work from home business!


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Mary Poiley September 21, 2012 at 8:54 am

Great tips here Missy! I never thought of using Craigslist to actually market a business.


Missy Ward September 21, 2012 at 9:54 am

Thanks Mary. I use Craig’s list for everything. I’m addicted :)


daveM September 27, 2012 at 10:18 am

Terrific suggestion…..! I wonder why other affiliate managers are unaware of this approach…. Thanks Missy, you make life better for affiliates with your creative ideas.


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