3 of the Best Online and Physical Locales for DIY Entrepreneurs

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3 of the Best Online and Physical Locales for DIY EntrepreneursYou have less than eight seconds to grab and keep your potential customer's attention. Even goldfish have longer attention spans than the average, modern-day consumer. This means as a modern-day DIY entrepreneur you need to be anything but average — and seven seconds ahead of other merchants.

The first key factor in achieving this feat is visibility. Whether you are a face-to-face seller or online business owner, where you sell your products is as important as what you are selling. If you're not sure where to begin, here are three of the best online and physical places to set up shop:


This Canada-based website allows the sale of handcrafted goods. Unlike Etsy (which allows for vintage products and food) and eBay (which allows for anything), iCraftGifts.com carefully monitors the products listed to ensure they are handcrafted. iCraftGifts.com does not allow resellers on the site, so you don't have to compete with mass-produced goods. You have to pay a $25 (Canadian) fee for registration when you join as well as posting fees depending on the number of items you list. Your first five items are free, or you can opt for the monthly fee for unlimited postings.

Tip: Although it's much smaller than other online outlets, iCraftGifts.com is a good fit if you are just starting out or do not have a large inventory to move.

Farmers Market

Farmers markets have seen a huge resurgence in the past few years, and they have grown to allow for much more than fresh produce. Anything from jewelry to solar panels is likely to be found at the local farmers market. Every farmers market is unique, so finding one that draws in your specific, prospective clientele will require some research on your part. After you locate the market that best suits your product, you just need to get the okay from the market manager.

Tip: Get there early. In many markets, it's a first-come, first-served environment. This extends to merchants and customers alike, so finding a prime spot for your booth means waking up early.


What began as an answer to eBay's over-saturation has grown into a worldwide tool used by millions. Etsy hosts products for merchants whose inventories fall into the categories of vintage, handmade and crafting supplies. It's the perfect platform for artists creating original designs and prints, clothing designers, soap makers and any crafting extraordinaire. There are no monthly fees on Etsy, but each sale comes with a transaction fee.

Tip: When doing business on such a highly competitively platform, you must make purchasing and receiving your product as quick, simple and painless as possible. Having multiple online payment options readily available is imperative for creating a positive, hassle-free exchange. Sage One is a great accounting software to consider using because it simplifies the transaction for both the paying and receiving parties. Plus, after you send an invoice, it keeps your accounting simple and lets you pull built-in reports and statements.

Today's DIY business world can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate, but if you know where to market your products, then selling becomes the easy part.

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