Tutoring and Music Teaching: Two Great Home Based Careers

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At first, deciding to find a career from home can prove more than a little overwhelming. But as you examine your skills and hear of new and creative ways to run a business, the situation becomes less daunting.

If you are still in the brainstorming phase of becoming a work at home mom, here are two fantastic ideas which take advantage of previous skills and training you may already have: tutoring and teaching music.

Getting Started

Tutoring is a huge industry with professionals needed from beginning elementary up through college. Start by reflecting on what skills you have and what subjects are your specialties. If you have a master’s degree in mathematics, then you can definitely market yourself to undergrad students and any other grade levels with which you would want to work. Similarly, if you are a certified English teacher who has left the classroom to become a full time mom, then take advantage of your training and skills to continue helping and teaching the students you used to instruct. Once you have determined what subjects you will offer, you can choose between traditional and online tutoring.

Deciding to tackle private music lessonsTutoring and Music Teaching. Two Great Home Based Careers happens in a parallel process. If you studied music in college or took violin lessons for two decades growing up, then you are probably prepared to teach beginning students and above. For those who feel a bit rusty, spend some time brushing up on theory and honing your own skills to gain confidence.

The Importance of People Skills

Retired teachers or those on a sabbatical of an undetermined length will already know the value of working well with different personality types. In these two positions, people skills really are imperative. You will be in one-on-one situations in which you must create inventive ways of explaining material for a variety of learning styles all while remaining upbeat, supportive and motivating. This type of interactive job is not going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

Advertising Ideas

The initial challenge when starting up a teaching or tutoring business is just getting your name out there. Utilize all of your personal networks, and ask friends and family to recommend you to their connections. You may also want to start a website or at least a Facebook page so that people can find your contact information.

Consider creating a business card soTutoring and Music Teaching. Two Great Home Based Careers 2 that you are prepared to hand it out to people who ask or seem potentially interested in your service. Construct a bright flyer and post it on community boards at the local university. This is a particularly effective strategy. You can also take information about your experience and expertise to schools in your area. Many keep records of tutors  in the area to hand out to their students. Craigslist is great free directory which will connect you to a searching clientele in your own community. However, using these types of free websites requires a certain amount of caution and discernment.

But if marketing is something you would prefer to avoid as much as possible, then align yourself with a larger company that can represent you and connect you with clients. Sites such as TakeLessons tutors offer catalogs of both music and academic teachers across the country. And many companies also contract tutors to work virtually with online students. These sites can either list your contact information or directly assign students to you.

Once you have identified your strengths and come up with an effective advertising strategy, you will be ready to launch a successful career as a work at home tutor or music teacher.

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