Learning to Say “Thank You”

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Last week I posted on my Facebook wall asking how many people still taught their kids to write thank you cards. There was a mixed bag of responses. Some families still write them for anything. Some write them only when the gift is opened out of the presence of the gift giver. Some didn't write them at all.

Looking beyond even taking the time to write thank you cards, there are so many ways and reasons to give thanks to people. In addition to gift giving, consider thanking people for volunteer work that they are doing for an organization, for introducing you to someone else, or even for referencing you in a blog post.

Give thanks in different ways depending upon just what the person did for you. I bought a surprise gift for my in-laws to thank them for watching my kids so much that I can go to conferences. I'm really looking forward to giving it to them! A neighbor sent me a thank you card in the mail for the work I have done for our Homeowners' Association. It made me want to work that much harder.

Consider reaching out via an online greeting card. You can make them free on a lot of sites and they are a step beyond sending a normal email. Or post a cute picture on their Facebook wall with a quick note of thanks.

When was the last time you thanked someone for something besides giving you a gift? In what unique ways did you do it?

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