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That sounds pretty catchy, eh? Okay, maybe not as catchy as it sounded in my head. It's Friday and I'm sure you're probably ready to head out into the weekend and have some fun, or maybe you'll be working through this weekend to get some projects done before the holidays.

I know I'll be working quite a bit this weekend on some client work and a project of my own as much as I possibly can, but I might take a break to catch a movie with the family on Sunday.

Before I start closing all the tabs in my browser window and getting super laser focused on my to-do list I wanted to share these four free reports that might be helpful to you. Maybe these will spark a fresh idea for your business or help you with a problem that you've been having…

Working From Home: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Great little freebie from Nicole Dean providing insight from someone who has been there and succeeded.. Shares the highs & lows of working from home and talking lessons learned the hard way – through trial and error.

How to Write Your Kindle Book This Weekend

The freebie actually comes from Ryan Deiss and is really valuable information, but I'm linking to Susanne's post at Affiliate Treasure Chest here because that's how I came to learn about the free report and Susanne also talks about how she used the ideas in the free report to publish a Kindle book in a weekend with great results. The blog post and the free guide are both worth the time to read over.

Demystifying Keyword Research

Keywords and research probably aren't the most fun way to spend a weekend, and when you're just getting started working and writing for online formats the idea of choosing keywords and writing content around them might be a little bit scary and intimidating. Karon Thackston covers everything you need to know to get started with keyword research and explains things in a really easy to understand way in this free report.

How to Come Up with Blog Topics When You’re Staring at a Blank Screen

This last one is actually from me and covers exactly what the (probably too lengthy) title says, how to come up with ideas for blog posts when you feel like you don't have anything to say. Brainstorming exercises to get the creativity flowing again and get something on the page and published.

Apply What You Learn

Don't just save all these reports to your computer, glance at them, and then forget about them two seconds later. When you find that golden nugget of information that makes your brain explode with inspired ideas, get to work! Apply what you learn, take action on the things you want to do and create, and craft your own success.

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