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Career Day with my WAHM

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Have you ever had to try and explain to your kids, “Sorry I can’t do that right now, I am working” and get the big blank stare….

What about trying to help your children understand what you do when you work?  Career days at businesses are quite common so why can’t you have one in your home office.  You may need to do a little preparation since you are normally the only one with tasks to do.

How to Prepare For Career Day:

Think of some tasks that you do that perhaps could be done by your assistant for the day such as filing, internet searching, social media surfing, printing, or maybe even stuffing boxes or labelling.  Prepare a temporary work area so they have their own space.

Career Day:

Start your day on time and layout the ground rules.  Show your child their work space. Begin with a morning synopsis or what you do daily, what tasks need to be accomplished and their priority ranking.  Go over your assistant’s tasks or schedule for the day.  What is expected and their priorities, as you are trying to help them understand that just because your office is located in your home does not mean that it is not a normal business with deadlines and urgencies.

Maybe schedule a brain storming meeting with your assistant to get some new ideas for products, advertising, or website layouts.  Sometimes working with someone (no matter what age) can bring out different views or questions.

Be sure to take a “timed” lunch break whether you normally do or not. Children need to maintain their energy levels and are used to lunch breaks.  This could also stand as a reminder to you to take a break sometimes.

Be sure to officially end the work day.  If your job requires further work into the evening, advise your assistant that some jobs/businesses do require work outside of office hours.  This is where you and your child can be reminded of how to keep a balance between work and play and family.

Follow up to Career Day:

Have your child write a brief summary of their day with you.  Maybe even use it for a school report. As your children grows, there are ways to continue to keep them involved with your business.  This helps you get some tasks completed but it also helps them better understand your job and why you can’t just jump up and play or go to the mall. It will definitely help you spend more quality time with your children.  As a WAHM, you are a great resource to help your children learn about work ethics and structure no matter what the environment.

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Karen Ward

Karen Ward is a mom of 3 (4 is you count her husband), blogger, and affiliate who has recently switched from the corporate life to working in a home office. She builds and manages multiple affiliate and membership websites. Her previous careers in aviation, ice skating, and engineering only add to her muilti-layered approach to life.


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Jennifer Myers Ward July 11, 2014 at 4:01 pm


This is a great article…luckily I was working at home long before my kids came along. However, I like the idea of letting them take part in my day and help in some way. Heck, maybe I should put them on a client call or a new biz pitch :-)

I also had to say HI because I am a “Ward” too :-)

Have a great one!


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