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A Work-At-Home Mom’s Guide to Hosting a Personalized Kids’ Party

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Celebrating your child’s many milestones can be exciting—and exhausting! Constantly trying to come up with creative ideas that your child and their friends will love isn’t always easy. Need some inspiration? Check out these creative ways to personalize your child’s party with minimal effort and expense.

Kids PartyPersonalized table

Kids PartyPersonalized table [Image by Stagetecture – Ronique Gibson]

Start with a party theme they’ll love.

Before you get overwhelmed with the details of planning your child’s party, think of a fun-filled theme that your youngster will love. While you may feel pressure to plan an elaborate event, oftentimes the most enjoyable kids’ parties are simple and personalized. If your child is old enough, ask them about their favorite colors, seasons, and animals. I chose to use a farm animal and race car theme with similar colors. A primary color palette of blues, reds, greens and yellows means I could find coordinating paper plates, plastic cutlery, and cups easily—and they cost less than high-priced character party supplies.

Kids Party Plates

Kids Party Plates [Image by Stagetecture – Ronique Gibson]

Personalize key party supply items.

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to put a personal stamp on it. Customizing a few plates, placemats, and cups with pictures of your child’s favorite animals, sports teams, or even class pictures of them and their friends will be a special way to make the party uniquely theirs. Trying to save money? Have the birthday child get the personalized place setting and their friends can have color-coordinated plastic or paper plates that match the theme. Use action figures, small toys and other party favors around the table to tie the theme together and to keep kids busy while you prepare the food!

Kids Party hands on activity

Kids Party hands on activity [Image by Stagetecture – Ronique Gibson]

Provide party favors they’ll love to play with.

One of the biggest challenges when planning a party is keeping the kids entertained while you fulfill your many hosting duties. I like to fill a party tray with playful activities. Army men, farm animals, letter blocks, sports cars and any type of handheld toys are perfect. Let each kid make their own goodie bag with clear bags and twist ties. For larger parties, you could set up “stations” at different tables and have children play with select toys every 15 minutes and then move on to the next table.

Kids Party_Coloring Craft

Kids Party_Coloring Craft [Image by Stagetecture – Ronique Gibson]

Complete the look with coordinating, colorful decor.

Once you’ve chosen the theme and activities for the kids. it’s time to turn to your party supplies. Streamers, paper lanterns, and balloons hung from the ceiling and taped around the table bring color and a festive mood to the party. I like keeping a supply of striped paper straws in varying colors along with plastic cutlery in different colors to bring a whimsical touch to the table. Use small plastic cups to hold cutlery and straws, and don’t forget the classics: noisemakers and birthday hats!

Kids Party_Ring Party Favors

Kids Party_Ring Party Favors [Image by Stagetecture – Ronique Gibson]

Throughout the year, your child will have so many reasons to celebrate. From soccer championships to scouting badge celebrations, there is no end to the festivity. Use these simple tips to pick a theme, add color and whimsical decorations, and give your kids a celebration they’ll always remember!

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