15 Fun And Easy Things To Make and Do For Halloween

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Working at home doesn't mean you can't have any fun, however it does often times mean fun has to be mess free or quick and easy. For Halloween you can have all kinds of fun making decorations, hosting a party or encouraging the kids to get involved without the messy slime (although messy slime is super great!). Here are some fun and easy Halloween ideas you can do with the kids or have the kids do on their own.

15 Fun (quick and easy) Things to Make and Do for Halloween

Some of these projects are my own creation and some are from friends or fabulous finds from around the web. If you have a favorite idea of your own, by all means leave a comment and share it! Lets get going… Happy Halloween creating!

Happy Halloween banner decoration

Make a Happy Halloween Banner –  I have a few printable projects you can use to get your Halloween festivities going. Start with this Happy Halloween banner you can download and print, cut out and then hang where you like…print out more than one set and decorate multiple places in your home for your Halloween fun.

Candy Corn Garland

Candy Corn Garland (I love eating candy corn, so I can't imagine decorating with it, but this does look super cute and easy)

Glass jar luminaries

Glass jar luminaries. I love how pretty these are and you only need glass jars, glue, colored paint (mix with the glue) and some black vinyl designs (you could use a black sharpie if you wanted). I'm most impressed that this project was made by a woman who calls herself the Jedi Craft Girl. Love!

Milk jug lanterns

Milk Jug Lanterns  – these are so darn easy! You just need a black marker, milk jugs and a light source. I love how these look, I wish we didn't have to return our milk jugs to the dairy every week!

Pringles can mummy

Pringles Can Mummy – so darn cute, this would keep some busy little hands moving for a little while.

DIY Halloween wall art

Make your own pretty Halloween wall art – this Halloween DIY project uses just a few simple materials… recycled book pages, a black marker, printer or letter stamps and a frame you already own. It looks beautiful, but is really not difficult to create at all.

Boo sign and poem

Boo your friends and neighbors – this is a fun activities the kids always love to do and it adds a little “holiday spirit” to the community. If you're familiar with May Day baskets, this will make perfect sense to you. You make a treat for your neighbor, leave the treat and the sign/poem but don't tell them it was you that left the surprise. The neighbor then puts the sign on their door and “boos” someone else, passing along the Halloween fun. Grab the free boo sign for your own booing happiness.


Pumpkin bowling

Pumpkin bowling – this is such a cute activity. You could set it up for a Halloween party or for a fun October afternoon activity.  (You could also use empty soda bottles instead of tissue rolls as the “pins” if you'd like.)

Glowing ghosts craft

Glowing Ghosts – a super quick and easy project using glow sticks and translucent plastic cups. Draw whatever faces you'd like and setout Halloween night.

Jack-o-lantern balloons

Draw jack-o-lantern faces on yellow and orange balloons for easy Halloween party decorating that's not-so-spooky.

Use cookie cutters to carve your pumpkin

Use cookie cutters to cut out designs in your pumpkins – I love this idea so much because it really does work. You can use all kinds of shapes and even do some fancy cuts that don't go all the way through the pumpkin shell. The kids can do it too!

Pumpkin keg

Make a pumpkin keg – festive and yummy, right!? For kids parties, fill with a soda and fruit punch mixture, fizzy and delicious.

Baked pumpkin seeds

Make your own yummy pumpkin seeds – this is one of my favorite things about fall. I LOVE pumpkin seeds and making your own is even more fun. My kids love eating them too, such a great snack for them.

Witch hat cookies

Cute witches hat cookies – these are adorable, if you can squirt frosting out of a can, you can make these!

Halloween cupcake toppers

Add Halloween cupcake toppers to your cupcakes or muffins to add that extra Halloween look. These are super easy to make (yes, you can buy re-made ones too) and the kids love to help! Download these designs, cut them out and start decorating.

I love all this Halloween creativity. There are so many ideas of things you can make and do during the spooky season. Do you have a favorite Halloween tradition?

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TidyMom October 11, 2012 at 9:28 am

lots of fun ideas Jen!! Love the luminaries and pumpkin keg especially!

Thanks for sharing my BOO frame!


Jen Goode October 11, 2012 at 9:45 am

Thanks for making the boo frame, I absolutely love it!


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