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Shannon Weidemann is married to her network engineer husband and mother to two daughters, one the human kind and the other of the canine variety. She has been working at home since 2002. She blogs about working from home and affiliate marketing at MarketingElf and also has a bit of a passion for children's party supplies.

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Why Pay for a WordPress Theme?

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When I first started building websites with WordPress, there was not a whole lot of options out there as far as themes. You could search the free directories and download the theme files and then upload them onto your site. It was pretty time consuming, because you would need to do it all manually and […]

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Birthday Party Planning and the Work at Home Mom

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January seems like such a relaxing month after all the craziness of the holidays. You can just sit back, send your kids back to school, start working on your goals for 2013. All the sudden you look at the calendar and realize that your child’s birthday is right around the corner and you have done […]

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Kiwi Crate Review

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I am a huge believer in having a bag of tricks to keep your kids occupied so that you can be a more productive work at home mom. It can either be a box of toys or crafts that you keep up high and bring out when you need to get some work done or […]

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Homeschool and the Work at Home Mom

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Normally when September rolls around I am ready to take on new projects and begin working full time on my business again. This year is slightly different. I took on the challenge of homeschooling my daughter for the year. And I never worked again. The end.

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Pretty Link Pro Review

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Sharing links is becoming more and more important these days. With the rise of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest it is important to have a trackable way to share your content. Plus it might be a good idea to have a way to cloak and track all of the outgoing links on […]

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Start Preparing Now for Back to School

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When summer rolls around, my schedule always slows down so that I can enjoy the time off with my daughter. It is now August which means that the beginning of school here in Michigan is a full month away. I know in some parts of the country it already began this week. Which means that […]

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Finding Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

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Most of the country has been gripped by a massive heat wave this summer and it has made for sending the kids outside to play very difficult. Today I would like to suggest some ways to beat the summer heat and perhaps get some work done at the same time. Here are my top 5 […]

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Summer and the WAHM

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Summer is here and for the work at home mom, it definitely can mean a change of pace. School is out and kids are home, so that means thinking of new ways to get work done while kids are underfoot. Here are my top 5 tips for working at home during the summer. Prepare snacks […]

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8 Books Every Work at Home Mom Should Read

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One aspect of working from home is that you constantly need to learn new things. It is a great way to stay innovative and at the top of your game. Plus buying new business books is a great tax write-off too boot (as always ask a tax professional). ¬†Here are my suggestions for the top […]

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Brain Dump for Productivity

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Most days I deal with an overwhelming amount of stuff. I keep track of doctor’s appointments, things to take care of around the house, brainstorming new blog post ideas, what time to pick my daughter up from school, when her after school activities are, meal planning, and the list goes on and on. It can […]

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