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Carrie Rocha has been a WAHM since January 2010. She and her Brazilian husband, Marco, have two young girls. In June 2006 the Rocha’s decided to get out of $50,000+ in debt. Two and a half years later they’d reached their goal. Compelled to help others based on what they’d learned, Carrie founded When she’s not online she’s eating chocolate, being a media correspondent on consumer issues, public speaker, or busy writing her soon-to-be-published book Pocket Your Dollars: 6 Attitude Changes That Will Help You Pay Down Debt, Avoid Financial Stress, and Keep More of What You Make (Bethany House, 2013).

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Branding 101 for Your WAHM Business

Marketing Your Business by 1 comment

So, you’ve been doing this work-at-home thing for a while now and are looking to grow your business. Whether you’re blogging, transcribing, consulting, or doing any of the myriad things you can do from home, eventually you will need to brand yourself. Step one in branding: a logo. The old adage is true: you need […]

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3 Considerations for Your Small Business’s Brand

Marketing Your Business by 4 comments

As a small business owner I think a lot about my company’s brand. I ask myself questions like, “how am I perceived by others?’  and “how do outsiders view my company?” I keep three things in mind as I strategize about my company’s brand. You are your brand People cannot separate you from your brand. […]

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How This Shy WAHM Makes Valuable Contacts At Networking Events

Marketing Your Business by 0 comments

It’s that moment at a conference, trade show or training event when I have to mingle with a room full of people I don’t know. It’s important for my business that I am ever-expanding my network of contacts, but I don’t like breaking the ice. There I said it. I’m an extrovert (I love being […]

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4 Ways to Reduce Mom Guilt as a WAHM

Family by 2 comments

The idea of working from home as a mom sounds great. “I’ll get the best of both worlds. I can work, plus I can be involved in my kids’ lives.” That’s true, but I experience one nearly constant factor as I attempt to balance work and family. Guilt. When I’m working, especially in the summer when my kids […]

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4 Ways To Get Free Wifi When You Travel

Productivity Tips by 1 comment

One benefit of the work I do from home is that it’s primarily internet-based. That means I can work from anywhere on the planet, as long as I can get a decent internet connection for my laptop. I used to pay a monthly fee to my cell phone provider so that I could use my […]

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Productivity Tip: Use a Sun Lamp

Productivity Tips by 4 comments

I live in Minnesota. Even though summer days are long, with well over 12 hours of daylight, I spend most of my time in my basement office. I hear kids outside playing. I hear birds chirping. I get a certain amount of light through my three office windows, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I […]

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How to Make Dinnertime Easier

Cooking by 1 comment

After I had my second child I returned to my full-time job in an office and left my husband home all day with two kids under 2. He did a great job caring for them and changing diapers, but he didn’t do dinner. Cooking dinner was still one family responsibility that was mine. I have […]

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How To Find And Compare Health Insurance Plans

Home and Business Finances by 4 comments

I became the primary breadwinner for my family in February 2009. My husband and I had agreed that he’d quit his job as an International Sales Rep to go to graduate school at night and be a stay-at-home dad by day. I’d continue working at a Minneapolis-based non-profit.  Three weeks after we made that transition […]

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