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Holiday Ideas For Families

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Make sure that you take time to enjoy your family this holiday season. Instead of getting all bogged down in holiday shopping and the stress of finding the perfect gifts think of ways that you can spread joy. I know most work at home moms have a hard time finding the work/holiday balance. Take time […]

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A Pie For Chocolate Lovers

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I am a chocoholic. So much so that I have become addicted and without my chocolate I get really bad optical migraines. Hey, guess what my cure is? Chocolate.. I think I can live with medicinal chocolate. :) Being a chocolate connoisseur who rates restaurants on their ability to please me with their chocolate selection […]

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It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like A WAHM Christmas!

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Sometimes the holidays are joyous and other times they are down right stressful. The hustle and bustle of ending your business year off with a bang, getting all of your tax deductions taken care of, and then meeting everyone’s holiday expectations can just about kill ones determination. But wait, there is still hope! Compartmentalizing is a wonderful […]

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Video Optimization For Lead Generation

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A few months ago I attended the Orlando Internet Marketing Meetup, led by Affiliate Summit. Tim Jones, Co-founder and CEO of presented a session on Optimizing Video for Lead Generation. His presentation was short but packed full of very useful information that everyone could benefit from hearing.

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Does Technology Cause ADHD?

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ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a problem with inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination. Over the past year I have noticed that I may have a problem with paying attention and the constant need to be “plugged in.” My kids are also falling into this “plugged in” trap. Every single person in my house […]

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No More Excuses

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As a work at home mom, you make your own schedule, enjoy flexible free time, pursue your passion, and provide for your family. While it would be great if every day were perfect, some days you just don’t feel motivated to work. Other days, you face distractions or feel ill. You might even over commit […]

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Branding For Websites

Marketing Your Business by 1 comment

Branding is awareness, identity, trust, but most importantly branding is you! When implementing a website for your business you should first create a marketing plan that determines what you want to gain from the website. Your marketing plan should also include branding. Most consumers need to associate a brand to a product or service to […]

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Use Priceline To Book Your Next Vacation And Save

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Summer is fast approaching and we all need a little vacation without breaking the bank. One of my favorite online booking tools is Priceline. I have been able to book trips to many destinations on a very low budget. Here are some tips to find the best rates on Priceline.

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How to use Pinterest for Business and Generate Traffic

Marketing Your Business by 3 comments

I recently gave a presentation on Pinterest and I realized many business owners are unsure how to use Pinterest for their business. Pinterest is not just for arts and crafts or retailers, all businesses can benefit from having a presence on Pinterest. Here is what you need to know to grow your business through Pinterest.

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Upgrading to the Facebook Timeline for Pages: What You Need to Know

Marketing Your Business by 6 comments

Many of you have heard the hubbub surrounding Facebook Timeline for Pages. Since the upgrade date is fast approaching I thought it might be helpful for you to understand how to use the new Pages timeline and the benefits. Since this is a mandatory roll out and everyone will be forced to the timeline automatically […]

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